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Book Datasets

Marketing Analytics Datasets for the book:

On this page you can find the marketing analytics datasets for use with the book Cutting Edge Marketing Analytics by Rajkumar Venkatesan, Paul Farris, and Ronald T. Wilcox.

Chapter 4 Sticks Kebab Shop

Excel File: Chapter 4 Customer Survey

Excel File: Chapter 4 Non Customer Survey

Excel File: Data Subset for Cluster Analysis

Chapter 9 Svedka Vodka (A+B+C)

Excel File: chapter 9 svedka C

Chapter 11 Netflix Inc.: The Customer Strikes Back

Excel File: Chapter 11 Netflix

Chapter 12 Relay Foods (A+B)

Excel File: chapter 12 relay foods

Chapter 14 Relay Foods (C)

Excel File: chapter 14 relay C test

Excel File: chapter 14 relay C train

Chapter 19 VinnConnect Inc.: Digital Marketing Strategy

Excel File: chapter 19 vinnconnect

Chapter 20 Cardagin: Mobile Loyalty Programs

Excel File: chapter 20 cardagin

Chapter 21 Dunia Bank (B+C)

Excel File: chapter 21 dunia b+c